This is the temporary test schedule for the FFSC October 30 Test Session @ Falmouth Ice Arena
        All skaters need to be ready to go without skates on at the arena 30 mins prior to their warm up time.

        WALK ON Session: 8:15-9:00am cost = $13 checks made to FIA

        9:00am ice made
        9:10 Warm up Pre Pre Moves(Sophia Kasparian, Hadley Medeiros, Abigail Neubert, Jade Biliouros),
         Pre-Pre Free (Hadley Medeiros)
        Pre Moves (Sunny Harding, Addisyn Petrulli, Isabella Scena)
        9:15 Pre-Pre Tests
        9:30 Preliminary Moves

        9:40 Warm up Pre-Juvenile Moves ( Elizabeth Sylvia)
        Juvenile Moves ( Annabelle Abbott, Skylar Gonsalves)
        9:45 Pre Juvenile Moves
        9:55 Juvenile Moves

        10:10 Warm up Intermediate Moves ( Carley Hinson, Lily Hunter, Melanie Mitchell)
        Novice Moves ( Francesca Marini, Emily Saba)
        10:15 Intermediate Moves
        10:45 Novice Moves

11:05 Coffee Break for judges
  Warm up Pre -Pre Freestyle (Abigail Boylan, Amanda Mack)
  Pre-Juvenile Moves (Celia Almodobar, Abigail Boylan, Amanda Mack)
  Juvenile Moves (Maya Balling, Antonia Gamberoni, Andrea Wood)
11:15 Pre-Pre Free
11:20 Pre-Juvenile Moves
11:50 Juvenile Moves

12:05 Ice Make/Lunch for judges

12:15 Warm up for Freeskate tests
  Intermediate (Colleen Kerr, Stephen Murray)
  Juvenile ( Ness Uitti)
  Pre-Juvenile (Hailey Callahan, Carley Hinson, Lily Hunter)
  Preliminary (Maya Balling, Antonia Gamberoni, Carley Hinson, Lauren Hunter-BSC)
12:30 Freeskate tests
  Intermediate - 2
  Juvenile - 1
  Preliminary - 1 Carley Hinson
  Pre-Juvenile - 3 Hailey Callahan, Carley Hinson, Lily Hunter
  Preliminary - 3 Maya Balling, Antonia Gamberoni, Lauren Hunter

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