Congratulations to the following FFSC members who passed USFS tests 
on November 2, in Falmouth:
Francesca Marini Junior Moves
Dianna Losordo Pre-Preliminary Freestyle​

Congratulations to the following FFSC members who recently competed at the Martha's Vineyard Open in November:

Alison Landry - Intermediate Showcase - 1st
  Intermediate Test Track - 4th

Catherine Cone - Pre Juvenile Test Track - 1st

Theresa Porter - Pre - Juvenile Showcase - 1st

Sophia Kasparian - Preliminary Showcase - 1st

Order Your FFSC Spirit Shirts  or Club Log Jackets now for the holidays!

​ We will soon have samples of bracelets with skating charms that will be available to buy at club 
Coach Deb, please be on the lookout. 
They will make great gifts for your skater:)

Please look for the sign-up sheets for the walking unit in the 
Christmas Parade and the Holiday Exhibition on 
December 20th at every club session.

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