General Information

Welcome to the Falmouth Figure Skating Club!

Founded in 1966, the Falmouth Figure Skating Club’s purpose is to encourage instruction, practice, and advancement of its members in moves in the field, and free skating. We attempt to encourage a fraternal spirit among all members. The FFSC was developed to promote the sport and competitiveness of figure skating. The two requirements of being a member are to skate unassisted around the rink and the wearing of qualified figure skates.

This booklet contains information which will be useful to you as a member in the FFSC. It is organized into sections: General Information, Definitions of Common Terms, Rules, and the Annual Ice Frolics Show.

Figure skating is a healthy sport, which makes one feel good about oneself. Advancement is done-or not done-according to each individual’s choice. One can enjoy the freedom of just engaging in the sport.

We truly hope you will enjoy being a member of the Falmouth Figure Skating Club family.

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1. Operation: Governed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine members and one junior representative. Board meetings are scheduled once per month.

2. United States Figure Skating: USFS is the national organization governing amateur figure skating in USA. FFSC follows the general policies of the USFS and all FFSC members pay a membership fee to the USFS. All tests, competitions and shows are governed by the USFS.

3. Membership: Payment is determined each year and is determined by the Ice Arena’s rental fees for ice time. Ice costs are expensive at all rinks, but we work to offer a generous savings compared to others. Membership includes a 45 minute skating session on Sunday afternoons and a 45 minute skating session on Tuesday evenings. Time depends on skater’s age and ability. Instruction is not included in any of these sessions unless you contract directly with one of the FFSC skating instructors. For those who wish to further pursue the art of figure skating, additional ice time may be prepaid at a discounted rate for freestyle.

4. Lessons: Lessons are not included in the membership fee. Private lessons may be arranged with any one of the FFSC instructors. Basic Skills classes and group lessons, are available at a minimal charge during one of the FFSC club sessions. Times and fees for these will be posted.

**Note…If you are not able to get into to the FFSC membership due to a waiting list, private lessons are still available from any of the FFSC instructors, on any of the contracted ice times that have space available.

5. Locker Room: The locker room (Club Room) is supplied by the Ice Arena. It has lockers (to rent one, please see the front office), benches and a rest room. It is the skaters’responsibility to keep the Club Room clean.

6. Announcements: ALWAYS check the glassed in bulletin board outside the Club Room, and the information table in the lobby right before you enter the Ice Arena. All time changes, forms, test dates,
newsletter (Ice Scrapings), Ice Frolics rehearsals and information, functions, etc. will be posted in these areas.Your name will be on the newsletter or any form that needs to be given out, please look for the one with your name, this is an easy way for us to know who did not get their information.

7. Dealing with Questions or Problems: Every attempt is made for a member of the FFSC Board to be at each skating session. However, this is not always possible. If there are any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact any FFSC Board member.

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Yearly Events:

Opening Night: This starts off the FFSC club season (generally, early October) and all members are invited to come and skate, ask questions, meet members of the Club, the Instructors and FFSC Board members. Refreshments are served.

Halloween: Costume party on ice with recognition of all age groups.

Christmas Time: A holiday exhibition of our current USFS Gold Medalists and our High School Seniors for that year. Refreshments are served.

Spring Ice Show: Jaunuary starts preparation for the Spring Ice Show (Ice Frolics). All skaters are encouraged to participate in the show no matter what level of ability. Solos and Features are assigned according to test level. In addition, Solos and Features will be in two group numbers. All other skaters joining in October will be in two group numbers if they so choose. There is a costume charge, and a deposit will be required, along with a permission slip signed by a parent/guardian. Any help from parents for the production of the Show will be greatly appreciated. The Show is held in the middle of March on a Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday matinee. The Show is one of the Club’s main fund raising events. All members are encouraged to help with the Show. There is a CAST PARTY, immediately following the Sunday Ice Show, this is a great opportunity for skaters (and families) to unwind and watch a video (if available) of the performance. There will be a sign up for help, and food you want to bring, in the weeks prior to the show that you will find on the FFSC info table.

Spring Awards Banquet and General Meeting: A “dress up” dinner held at a local restaurant. Trophies are awarded, as well as Basic Skills awards and certificates for USFS tests passed during the year. General Meeting includes presentation of and vote on slate of new officers for the coming year.

USFS Tests: There are tests for moves in the field and freestyle, held by FFSC each year. These are taken at the Instructors and skaters discretion. A fee is charged for each test. Please speak with your Instructor for information about testing.

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Definitions Of Common Terms

Membership Classification:
Single Membership…………Junior or Adult
Family Membership………..A family membership consists of not more than 3 members of the same family (all related persons) permanently residing at the same address.

All members in good standing agree to:
*Pay dues on time
*Participate in all fund raising events
*Actively participate as a volunteer in running the Ice Frolics
*Abide by all rules regarding Club operation
*Only skaters whose membership, and contracted ice bills, are paid
             in full, will be eligible to test, compete or be cast in Ice Frolics.

Club Ice: Sessions paid for by membership dues. Club ice is for approximately 25 weeks, from early October through late March. There are two sessions a week offered, one on Sunday afternoons and another on Tuesday evenings. The sessions are divided by age and test level:

Low Freestyle: Club session for skaters age 9 and under, (4th grade & under). A parent or responsible adult MUST be at the rink at all times when their child is on the ice in this session.

Intermediate Freestyle: Club session for skaters age10-12, (5th –7th grade), or if skater has passed a pre-pre move or freestyle test.

High Freestyle: Club session for skaters age 13 and over, (8th grade & up), or if a skater who has passed juvenile moves or freestyle test.

These sessions are designed for the safety of the skaters, and to eliminate as much as possible overcrowded sessions. Please skate the session that applies to you.

USFS Test Levels: Pre-Preliminary / Preliminary / Pre Juvenile / Juvenile / Intermediate / Novice / Junior / Senior.

Walk-On Skater: Skater who pays for a non-contracted session (other than Club ice) at the time of skating. Walk-on rate is higher than contracted rate.

Non-Member Walk-On Skater: Skater who is not a member may buy contracted ice as a walk-on, but FFSC members will have first choice of available ice, and the non-member will also have to pay a slighty higher fee.

The Falmouth Ice Arena closes the end of April and reopens in mid June. FFSC members will contract directly with the Ice Arena for Fall ice time in September, Spring ice in April, and Summer skating.

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Rules of FFSC

1.   All parents/guardians are to understand that if a child is under age 10, a parent/guardian or a responsible adult must be at the rink at all times. Neither the Club, nor the Instructors are responsible for injuries or discipline.

2. Courtesy and cleanliness is expected by all. The club room is for everyone to use. Personal belongings are private property. All equipment should be kept and stored neatly in the room, leaving space for others to get around. Also, any trash left in the room should be thrown away properly.

3. All members and parents/guardians will sign the following statement: “I/We agree to comply with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Falmouth Figure Skating Club (FFSC). I/We agree to abide by all the rules of the Club, to display a good attitude, good sportsmanship and to be financially responsible to the Club for any personal injury or loss of personal property during the Club season.”

4. Abusive language is considered unnecessary, unpleasant and will not be tolerated. Everyone has bad days, if you have one please keep it to yourself.

5. Please be aware of whose program is being played and give the skater the right of way. This does not mean to stop skating, just try to stay out of their way.

6. Experienced skaters are expected to be aware of less experienced skaters. Less experienced skaters should not stand in the middle of the ice, and should be aware of the speed and jumps of the more advanced skaters.

7. Skaters will leave the ice promptly at the end of a session.

8. There will be no standing or gathering in the music room.

9. Music will be played under the following conditions:
a. Skaters will request their music to be played, and this will be done in a rotating order.
b. Instructors giving lessons will request students music. This will precede anyone waiting in line.
c. There will be no re-starts of programs unless an error has been made.
d. Second request for a program by a skater or Instructor will not be played until all skaters, who have asked, have had their music played once. If a skater requests their music, and had it played before their lesson, a request by their Instructor will be treated as a second request and will precede other second requests only if a skater is still having a lesson when their turn comes. The same will go for a third request. AT NO TIME WILL A PROGRAM BE PLAYED MORE THAN 3 TIMES.
e. Skaters with two different programs, requesting their second program to be played will be treated as a second request.
f. Skaters are not allowed to stand in the music room, and should never attempt to operate the recording equipment.

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Ice Frolics Show Rules:

To skate in the ice show one must be a member in good standing of the Falmouth Figure Skating Club.

Each skater will be placed in two group numbers according to age and test level. Skater/parent may choose to skate in one number only, or not at all, but soloists and features must skate in both group numbers.

All test requirements for solos, features and group numbers will be as of November 1st. No skater will be changed from his or her group numbers, no matter what test has been passed after this date.

REHEARSALS: Rehearsal schedule will be posted on the Figure Skating Club bulletin board. YOU are responsible for checking rehearsal time.

ATTENDANCE: Prompt attendance at all rehearsals is mandatory and rules regarding absences will be enforced. Tardiness of 10 minutes on a 30-minute rehearsal or 5 minutes on a 15-minute rehearsal will be considered an absence. Only 3 absences in each group number will be excused. An absence is just that, no matter what the reason, there are no excuses that are acceptable. If skater is not well enough to skate, but comes and watches rehearsal from the side of the hockey benches, they will be counted as being there. Please tell the Attendance Mother that you are there, but not skating, so she can check you off. The 4th absence will make a skater ineligible to participate in show. ATTENDANCE WILL BE TAKEN AT ALL REHEARSALS. Excuses made to Instructors are not acceptable. There are excused rehearsals for February vacation only, only one of the Sunday rehearsals will be excused, if you miss both Sunday rehearsals during the vacation, it will count as one absence, and the Tuesday rehearsal is excused if you miss that. If you come to the February vacation rehearsals it will count as a makeup for an absence.

COSTUMES: The cost of the costumes is the responsibility of the skater/parent. No refund will be given after costumes have been ordered. The prices range between approximately $50 to $70 each. A deposit of $50.00 is required and the balance is due when costumes arrive. No costumes will be ordered if membership dues are outstanding. Before costumes are completely given out, ice and costume bills must be paid in full.

No flowers are to be thrown on the ice during the show. They may be given to the skater at the finale.

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Ice Frolics Things to Remember:
1. Put your name on every piece of costume.
2. Bring your costume in either a garment bag or a large trash bag with your name on the outside of the bag to dress rehearsal and every show.
3. Make sure you have skate guards with your name on them.
4. All groups will be wearing Suntan skating BOOT tights with their costume.
5. All skaters with long hair must wear it up any way they want to for all shows. NO BOBBY PINS!
6. There will be a Cast Party immediately following the Sunday afternoon performance.

Dress Rehearsal and Show Rules / Information:
1. Dress rehearsal will be on the last Tuesday Club Ice before the show dates and will start promptly at 6:20 PM.
2. All skaters will have assigned locker rooms.
3. All costumes are to be brought to Dress Rehearsal. A poster in each Locker Room will tell you which costume to wear and when.
4. Bring a blanket to sit on / cover-up with for Dress Rehearsal as well as each Show.
5. Individual and group pictures are taken on the Dress Rehearsal Night. Forms are available to order.
6. All bleachers and locker rooms must be left clean after we are done. Please throw your trash in the cans.
7. Costumes must be taken home after dress rehearsal and every night after the shows.
8. The Friday and Saturday performances begin at 7:00 pm.The Sunday performance begins at 2:00 pm. Skaters are to be at the Arena 45 minutes prior to Show Time.
9. Warm-up session for Soloists will start 1 hr. before show time
(i.e. 6:00 pm on Friday and Saturday night, and at 1:00 pm on Sunday)
10. The 30 minute Warm-up session for Features will start 1.5 hours before show time (i.e. 5:30 pm on Fri. and Sat. and at 12:30 PM on Sun.)
11. Costumes for the Show are to be covered up while walking around the Rink prior to the Show.
12. All skaters who have more than one number in one half are to bring their costumes to the Back Dressing Room (Zamboni Room) with their names printed clearly on the outside of the bag before they start their warm-up session. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT HANG YOUR COSTUME IN THE ZAMBONI ROOM IF YOU DO NOT NEED IT THAT HALF.
13. All skaters, including Soloists and Features, must be down at the back end of the Rink 15 minutes before show time READY TO GO.
Any skater showing up after the lights go down will not skate in that half.
14. Everyone must sit together with their group so we know everyone is there.
15. There will be NO FOOD while you are in costume and watching the Show.
16. Once the Show starts, you cannot go to the front of the Rink.There will be parents to watch that you do not leave the back of the rink.
17. Any skaters giving these parents trouble will NOT skate.
18. Remember, go to the bathroom before you get dressed!
19. All skaters will go to their Locker Rooms during Intermission to change for their number in the second half.
20. Please be quick and come straight back to sit with your group right after the Zamboni is done making ice for the 2nd half of the Show.
21. Flowers are NOT to be thrown on the ice.They may be handed to the Skater during the Finale.
22. There is to be No Screaming for any skater - just clap loudly!
Screaming becomes very annoying to the audience – and the skaters cannot hear the beginning of their music.
23. Make sure you check to see that you have every piece of every costume before you leave each night.
24. Thank you for your cooperation - it really does help to make the show run more smoothly.